Consolidated Market
May 2017
This is it, if you want a market to sell into. Real estate in Berkeley and Oakland is highly valued right now based upon metrics from cap rate to GRM to rental rate to the current projections for investment cycle and interest rates.
Most owners want to hold their real estate through the cycle and even though we’re likely at the top now, they’re perfectly willing to slog it through the next 8-12 years to the hopeful top of the next cycle. It’s a smaller group of owners that has a reason to sell sooner than that who are looking at getting the highest price now on at least part of their portfolio.
Here are some reasons you might want to sell now near the top of the market:
• You want to trade into a different type of investment, such as Net Leased or non-real estate
• You need to divest from a partnership sooner than 10 years from now
• You want to take profits now into cash so you can reinvest in a softer market
• You want to diversify your portfolio
In these or similar scenarios my team can help you get the job done. In fact, we are uniquely qualified to work with you step-by-step to obtain the highest sale price on your Berkeley or Oakland Multifamily and Office real estate.
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