Getting good real estate deals is all about relationship: with the broker that finds you a property purchase that will work for your needs, with the broker who helps you negotiate the best price amidst all the variables of a purchase transaction, with the broker who helps you sell that same property when it’s time to trade into something larger and easier to manage.

It’s good to have a relationship with a great broker because a great broker is constantly building bridges between buyers and sellers, keeping his or her ear to the ground, and reaching out into the community to find out what is going on.  Getting the benefit of all this hard work is as easy as…letting one of these great brokers know what you want.


How To Recognize a Great Broker

1. Works for a regionally dominant firm (hint: there are only a handful in any given area)

2. Leads a team of brokers that support each other in serving you

3. The cohesive team makes several hundred calls per week (ours makes 600-700)

4. Team has proven success closing many millions of dollars in transactions per year for years running

…AND most important

Listens to you and understands what you want.


Next step, call me or wait for my team to call you.


Kent Mitchell: 510-548-2554


Did You Know?

The way that my clients have closed the really best off-market transactions is by following these steps:

– Tell me what would be an ideal purchase for you (or sale price for several of your buildings)

– Give me clear feedback when I discuss a prospective purchase with you (or describe a prospective buyer)

– When the right buy/sell opportunity comes along, execute, stick with the transaction and get it done (make me work hard for you!)


There is enormous value for owners in the *transaction* process.  Proceed step-by-step to get every ounce of value out of the years of work you put into these properties!